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Kaloneu Wellness Clinic offers a wide range of wellness services, including consultations in areas such as nutrition, mental health, fitness, hormonal balance, and more. We also provide premium skin care products and holistic wellness support.

Your practitioner will provide you with a wellness blueprint for the entire process, including a prenatal, perinatal and/or postnatal wellness plan, which will include a selection of the following: A list of the advantageous foods for you, and foods to avoid Sample meal plan template Supplement protocol Detoxification protocols Grocery food shopping guide Recommended sleep protocol Stress reduction techniques Exercise recommendations During pregnancy, there are essential variations in your body’s needs week to week and trimester by trimester. This means that even if you’re not suffering from any chronic health issues, it is important for you to get your nutrition, supplementation and lifestyle right, now more than ever. Remember, pre-, peri- and postnatal care are all crucial periods to optimise health through nutrition, supplementation and lifestyle practices.

No! You will have access to functional lab testing and supplements regardless of where you are located.

No. The reason being is you need to be in the right headspace before starting this transformative process. If you are already looking for money-back guarantees then you are not preparing yourself for success. Kaloneu wants motivated self-starters who can follow instructions and are not looking for a way out before they even begin. If you’re not serious, don’t commit. But if you are, get ready for an entire body, mind & soul transformation!

Our consultations are conducted by experienced and certified health practitioners who specialize in various wellness areas. They are dedicated to providing personalized care to meet your unique needs.

During a consultation, you can expect a thorough assessment of your health and wellness needs, personalized guidance, goal setting, and the development of a wellness plan tailored to your specific goals.

Consultation durations may vary depending on the specific service and your needs. They can range from 45 minutes to one hour or more.

Yes, we offer follow-up consultations to assess progress, make adjustments to your wellness plan, and provide ongoing support. We also provide email correspondence to address any questions or concerns.